What is MCT?

Mosinee Community Theatre exists to provide opportunities for anyone who is interested to participate in the arts. Open auditions are conducted with integrity.  Casting decisions are based on a person’s talent and appropriateness for a role.  Those not cast in a show are welcome to assist with a production in other capacities: set building, wardrobe, hair and make-up, ushering, etc. 

MCT creates an environment that fosters learning and growth both on and off stage.  Involvement helps build personal skills that are useful in other areas of life outside the theater. 

Shows are picked based on their appeal and entertainment value to all ages.

Mosinee Community Theatre

Why MCT?

MCT provides inclusive opportunities to showcase local talent, learning experiences and exceptional family entertainment.


607 13th St, Mosinee, Wisconsin 54455, United States
Tel: 715-301-0307 | Email:  info@mosineecommunitytheatre.com


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